Take control of delivery payments with ACTracer

Report, Reconcile, Repeat.

 ACTracer provides the insights you need to take control of your delivery service cash flow.


Dashboards that show delivery service and per location performance

  • Total delivery sales
  • Sales by service and by location
  • Total and per delivery sales and costs
  • Fully loaded delivery service rates

See variances and reconcile down to the check level

  • See all transactions or only variances
  • Highlighted Total, Sales, and Tax variances
  • Bank remit versus reported payment reconciliation

Easy to set-up, simple to use

  • Email or upload source data
  • Dedicated customer portal
  • Dashboard views, Excel exports
  • Self-serve or managed service options

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ACTracer /….partners with your educational institution, non-profit, or business to overcome the burdens of COVID-19 with intelligent tracing solutions.

ACTracer is a comprehensive contact tracing solution that is perfect for educational and non-profit institutions. It combines proximity data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and visualizations so you can quickly isolate COVID-19 incidents and avoid wholesale shutdowns. By identifying potentially exposed individuals, you will be able to separate them from the group while continuing to serve the rest of your community.

   ACTracer is available today so you can get back to business.  

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Educational Institutions



Why ACTracer


ACTracer works hard behind the scenes to securely collect proximity data while protecting the privacy of individuals on your campus.


ACTracer is a cloud-based end-to-end solution that is designed to meet your needs today and well into the future.


You are not tied to a limited set of hardware options. ACTracer can be easily configured to meet your specific contact tracking needs.


If you use Salesforce, Dynamics, Ellucian, or another system of record, ACTracer data can be added directly into that system. Gather attendance, participation, and a variety of other info while staying safe.


Actus Data, the company behind ACTracer, has been successfully providing analytics solutions to businesses since 2013.


ACTracer provides the protection you need and delivers the peace of mind you deserve.